Friday, April 17, 2009


Since deciding to work together with Ken and Lois Wilder I feel that rush like when I used to be a bike rider... when you come downhill and keep your cadence as you go up another. Having their photography, and the heart that comes with it, available to me has been a blessing and a half.

So ends my third week at this blog. I am so pleased with the progress from that first lip-biting shot with the lupe on my desk. So much more to learn...


Andrew Springman said...

This is interesting because

1) I think for the first time, the swath of color contributed to the color in the face.

2) The swath of color exaggerates what's going on with the hair.

Together they make the paint more of an extension of the portrait rather than a representation of the surroundings.

Very nice. See you tonight.

Q. said...

I agree with Andrew...and love the dovetailing of the gesture with the hair...there is real motion there...and the color seems to relate and build the image/the focus of the face.

Take this into the computer and play the color way back (quieter) and compare the two. Would it work as well?