Monday, April 6, 2009


I've loved the photo of my wife, Donna, that this image is based on. The setting, however, left a lot to be desired. So, why not create a portrait?

Because of the tedious nature of the way I used to handle traditional work, I ran from it. I may not settle on this approach, but what I love is the ability to create an image in less than a day... and be happy with it!

I know when I started the Masters program I really wanted to mix traditional and digital media together, but wasn't quite sure how. I'm enjoying this immensely.

Took some photos of my oldest daughter, Alayna, over the weekend. She spent the day with us while her husband, Ryan is in Germany. Apply this approach or discover a new one?


JStublarec said...

You've done a number of these mixed media works. Keep at it, they are unique and engaging

Q. said...

Lovely. Your affection and love peeks out. Try messing with the colors..maybe warming her skintones up a bit...see where it goes.Its digital! everything is malleable.

James said...

i'm constantly blown away by your imagination; speechless.

Andrew Springman said...

I like the color by her collar more so than the color around her hair. The large red area pulls attention away, whereas the smaller colors seem to comment on the true focus, which is the face.

I too am blown away by you. I don't want that message to be lost in my technical comments.