Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First Phone

All this drawing and painting made me thirst for some 3D modeling (what a geek!). Anyway, in researching Teddy Roosevelt, I found that there were a number of "firsts" associated with him and his presidency, one of which was being the first president to have a telephone in his home.

I did some research on phones in that era, recreated it as a 3D model in Strata, and then drew the image. Here they are, the model and the drawing, side by side.


Andrew Springman said...

Hmm, this makes me think of several things

1) There's definition and texture in the pencil drawing I can't see in the 3D rendering. Were those you additions or am I just not seeing them? They are improvements in any case

2) This is an interesting approach to still life when the object is not available.

3) Does your software have a pencil drawing rendering feature?


Q. said...

Hey Ed:
Love the both sides of the brain. Keep chasing the handdrawn...you can come back to the computer. This is where you will grow, and with that your raster work will grow as well...
Love the Teddy!