Monday, July 11, 2011

Finding beauty in the details

This past June I brought my camera to the Klingberg Vintage Motor Car Festival in New Britain, CT. While so many people were taking snapshots of the exquisite autos at this show, I became fascinated by the beautiful lines and shapes in the details. Standing just a couple of feet away from a fender, a young lady asked me what I was shooting. It reminded me of realizing how odd I looked standing inches away from a giant sequoia, taking pictures of the beautiful red bark. Hope you enjoy these shots... and are encouraged to look for beauty and design in the details around you.


Chef Becky said...

Ed, it was fun to see your reflection in some of your shots. Great detail. Steve and I both like to shoot this way.

Mollie B. said...

My dad used to study cars with his father when he was little. So, I quizzed him on makes and models using your photos...both he and I enjoyed looking through all of the shots!

- said...

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