Thursday, February 17, 2011

So, Can I Do It Without The Computer?

That was a question I asked myself since I will be taking commissions for portraits at the Six Summit Gallery. I know some people might not want a print, feeling it was not an original. Technically, the print is the original since the file is a digital file. I don't think the digital vs traditional argument will ever be settled.

So, I set about finishing the portrait of Lydia by printing the outline I had drawn and posted last week. I printed it on watercolor paper and then painted and drew directly on the paper... no separate layers, no scanning and assembling.

I'm pleased with the piece, but not ecstatic. I don't like the texture of the paper for drawing. I'll have to experiment on a hot press paper to see if I get better results. Also, the colors are not as dynamic as they are when printed on my Epson 7880. I'll keep plugging at this, and maybe even offer a client the choice.

Anyway, here she is... portrait number 5... my daughter Lydia.


Q. said...

The first step away from the computer is the hardest! Keep going, Ed! This is great...and you may actually get a mojo going with this new approach. If this is the first blush, I cannot even begin to imagine the next one! <3

Karen Nolan said...

Looks great Ed. Digital is always more vibrant but there's nothing like a hand painted original.k