Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Breakfast at Mary's Diner

For years, a family tradition has been to set aside Wednesday morning for one-on-one breakfast with Dad. Starting with Donna, and then my daughters, oldest to youngest, we have a number of places we've visited over the years. One of them is Mary's Diner, a typical neighborhood breakfast haunt that may not make the greatest coffee but offers a cheap but good special... as long as you get there before 8 am. When I go with Emma, we usually take her Doodle-Pro (see April 4, 2009) and sketch a few faces after we're done eating. Of course, I flip over the place mat and sketch a bit while we're waiting for our order. Here's today's gallery. The two characters in the middle at the top are Emma's favorites, Mr. and Mrs. Fitz. Emma's the cute one on the lower right


wilderimages said...

Emma has such a cool Dad!

Andrew Springman said...

Have you ever written a comic strip?

Alayna said...

uhm. i have a complaint. your oldest daughter doesn't hardly get breakfast with her dad anymore :) soon please?
love you